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Shimla Food Corporation was established in 1988, launching the Moghulai Nan brand of ethnic bread.  Moghulai Nan was co-packed by another bakery for Shimla Foods and was marketed by Shimla Foods in the South Asian market across Canada.  As it gained popularity, it was marketed to the mainstream market beginning with Food Basics and then later adding No Frills and Price Chopper.


Ottoman Trading Inc. was established in 1996 and took over all assets of Shimla Food Corporation

and Shimla Food Corporation was subsequently closed.  Ottoman Trading has been operating as

Shimla Foods since then.


In 1998, the company’s principal owner, M.Mirza, came up with a unique new line of ethnic snack food.  A one-of-a-kind, fully automated plant has been set up to produce 18 varieties of snacks such as Samosa, Rolls and Empanada’s by Royal Delight Foods Ltd at 6801 Steeles Ave W, Rexdale, ON and established its brand, Royal Delight.  Shimla Foods is the sole-distributor of Royal Delight products.  Royal Delight and Moghulai products are now carried in all major grocery chains across Canada with a focus on Ontario.  Several Food Service companies are also carrying the lines.  Today, Shimla Foods distributes more than 25 different products in North America.